The subcooling technology modifies a standard direct-expansion, vapor-compression refrigerant system with the addition of a heat exchanger in the liquid line of the system. The technology is proving particularly applicable in direct-expansion vapor-compression air-conditioning equipment, especially where old Roof Top HVAC units are being reconditioned, replaced or where new construction/expansion or new installation is planned.

The development of light weight very efficient closed circuit water cooling towers (evaporative fluid cooler) are utilized in “Evaporative Sub-Cooling” applications.  The tower and a pump module circulate a water/glycol solution in an insulated condensing water loop that could be connected to numerous Roof Top HVAC units at one time. These towers  are sized to 20% of the total capacity of the units to be retrofitted. 

In each of the roof top units the refrigerant is removed and a canister type Freon to Water heat exchanger is installed between the air-cooled condensing coil (condenser rejects heat from the refrigerant to the ambient air)  and the evaporator coil that cools the indoor air.  The evaporative cooled liquid loop water is piped to the heat exchanger where the Freon gives up heat energy to the much cooler evaporative water loop. The immediate result is the refrigerant pressure is dramatically reduced, removing work load from the compressor and there for the compressor utilizes much less electrical energy.  The second benefit of the cooler refrigerant is that with less entrained heat the refrigerant absorbs much more heat in the evaporator coil, thus providing more cooling capacity and colder supply air to the conditioned space.

Refrigerant Sub Cooling is a reliable energy-saving alternative to increasing the cooling capacity of air-conditioning systems, refrigeration systems, and most anything that uses refrigerant. Water Cooled Air Conditioning reduces the condensers energy consumption and saves money.

Subcooling Roof Top Units - RTU’s

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Since it is mandated for a business to replenish the ventilation with-in the building, the Roof Top Unit (RTU) is most always running. This one procedure is pulling fresh, but most always hot, roof top air through the ventilation system. Commercial roof tops are always hotter the ground temperature. Now called the “Urban Heat  Island” effect has proven this and even hotter air is being used to try and cool the Air Roof Top Units. Along with an Evaporative Sub Cooling retro fit installation you can add-on a Pre Make-Up Air subcooler to even add greater savings.

Sub Cooling makes it cost effective for any business to utilize what they now have in place and retro fit an Evaporative Fluid Cooling Tower to greatly enhance the efficiency.  Turn an old Roof Top Unit into a hybrid water cooled Air Condition system.

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