The refrigerant circuit is a closed loop heat transfer circuit in any refrigeration device.  The compressor is a device that compresses and  pumps the refrigerant first to the condensing coil to reject the heat energy  and in doing so the refrigerant condenses to a liquid state.  The liquid refrigerant continues in the loop to the indoor evaporator coil.  The refrigerant is routed through a metering device that allows the refrigerant to change state and flash from a liquid to a super cooled gas that absorbs heat in the evaporator coil from the indoor air stream.  As the heat is removed from the air stream the air returns to the space cooler and dryer.  The gas then completes the journey from the evaporator back to the compressor to be compressed and complete the cycle over and over.  All refrigerant gasses respond in a similar pressure/temperature relationship, more heat = more pressure.  More pressure = More Energy used.  By removing additional heat from the refrigerant circuit via evaporative sub-cooling the pressures drop, the capacity increases, and the compressor uses less electricity.

The evaporative fluid cooling tower cools the Water or Freon below the temperature of the ambient air. The evaporative effect of phase change removes heat from the water down to with in a few degrees of the “wet bulb” temperature.  The wet bulb temperature is the temperature that can be achieved by evaporating water.  The hotter the day the dryer the air, more heat = less moisture in most parts of the country.  So the dryer the air the better (cooler) the evaporative effect is, and this lower temperature can be as much as 40 to 50 degrees colder than the ambient temperature in many parts of the desert southwest.  However evaporative effect will always result in lower temperatures than the ambient conditions. 


Removing additional heat from the refrigerant circuit by using an evaporative sub-cooling tower; the pressures drop, the capacity increases, and the compressor uses less electricity. Reducing consumption gains energy savings. 

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