Evaporative Sub-Cooling Designs 



Evaporative Condenser Cooling


This “Condenser Cooling” Tower is designed and fitted with a copper Freon Heat Exchanger coil  that cools the refrigerant directly. This solution is most commonly used when the Tower is very close to the Freon lines. Such as a Residential or Small Retail store Retro Fit. This saves on costly copper piping and Freon.


 Evaporative Sub Cooling


This “Fluid Cooling” Tower is designed and fitted with a copper bare tube Water coil and is used for the closed loop system, combined with a specifically designed Freon to Water Heat Exchanger that is installed in the refrigerant circuit. Water coming from a Tower goes to the Heat Exchanger cools the Freon. This solution is most always used in Commercial Retro Fits subcooling roof top air conditioning units and roof top refrigeration condensers, where the Tower can be installed away from visible view and Multi Unit applications utilizing only One Tower. Also used in Swimming Pool Hybrid Geothermal applications in Residential where there are Split Systems utilizing only One Tower. This “Fluid Cooling” Tower can also be installed inline to Sub Cool Geothermal Hot Ground Loops.

Subcooling technology evolves around the Evaporative Fluid Cooling tower. There are two types of towers, Evaporative Condenser Cooling and Evaporative Subcooling Cooling Tower. The difference is in the type of coils being water cooled. Both designs delivers the most efficient cost effective and economical energy solution.

Evaporative Subcooling Tower Designs

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