The technology modifies a standard direct-expansion, vapor-compression refrigerant system with the addition of a heat exchanger in the liquid line of the system. The technology is proving particularly applicable in direct-expansion vapor-compression air-conditioning equipment, especially where old units are being reconditioned, replaced or where new construction/expansion or new installation is planned.

Subcooling of the refrigerant prior to the entering the condenser has proven to be a reliable energy-saving alternative to increasing the cooling capacity of air-conditioning systems, refrigeration systems, and most anything that uses refrigerant. Reduces the compressor / condenser energy consumption. Improving the coefficient of performance (COP) of the system.

Sub Cooling Refrigeration / Refrigerant

Historically, the most often used applications have been in low temperature applications where the return gas is used to cool the liquid line thus improving the condensing efficiency and capacity allowing the system to achieve lower evaporating temperatures and shorter run times etc. In a refrigeration circuit one can achieve .5% capacity gain and 1 % efficiency gain for each degree of sub-cooling applied.

The subcooling has proven to enhance the operating efficiency of any air-cooled air conditioning or refrigeration system by utilizing a very efficient lightweight evaporative fluid cooler (closed circuit cooling tower) in a closed loop design.

Subcooling technology evolves around an Evaporative Fluid Cooling tower. There are several types of towers, Evaporative Condenser Cooling and Evaporative Sub Cooling. Both cool with water spraying over the coils. The only difference is in the coil design.


Evaporative Condenser Cooling

This tower is designed and fitted with a copper Freon Heat Exchanger coil that cools the refrigerant directly. This solution is most commonly used when the Tower is very close to the Freon lines. Such as a Residential or Small Retail store Retro Fit. This saves on costly copper piping and Freon.


Evaporative Sub Cooling

 This tower is designed and fitted with a copper bare tube Water coil and is used for the closed loop system, combined with a specifically designed Freon to Water Heat Exchanger that is installed in the refrigerant circuit. Water coming from a Tower to the Heat Exchanger cools the Freon. This solution is most always used in Commercial Retro Fits subcooling roof top air conditioning units and roof top refrigeration condensers, where the Tower can be installed away from visible view and Multi Unit applications utilizing only One Tower.

There are  thousands of commercial Air Condition units and Refrigeration Condensers  mounted on roof tops relying on air to cool them. It is proven that roof tops are hotter than ground temperatures.  This effect known as the “Urban Heat Island” effect has greatly effected the one size fits all performance of these units.

Poor design in installation placement has even added higher energy consumption, causing the recirculation of even hotter air to try and cool them.

In most cases the refrigeration condensers are mounted in a cabinet without any cooling, trapping the hot air causing the compressors to consume even more energy to operate.

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